Rediscovering my love of romance

No, not the shitty real men kind, the fantasy dragon shifter kind. Maybe I mentioned it on here before? I used to write gay romance novels and self-publish them under a penname. Specifically, they were gay dragon shifter mpreg. If you're not sure what all those words mean, I implore you to google it yourself. … Continue reading Rediscovering my love of romance

Thought for food

In the immortal words of Rebecca Glasscock, "today is just a funky day for me". Despite talking a lot of bravado about reading a few days ago, shifting reading to before my meditation and writing routine did not bring about the instant level of enhanced craft and enlightenment I'd hoped for. When I was working on fiction today, the words came slowly and painfully, and I fell back into that writing mood of tabbing away from my novel to google Why is writing so exhausting?

Medium doesn’t suck, actually?

Yesterday, I made a Medium account and started importing stories from here onto it. I was listening to the Writer's Well, one of my favourite writing podcasts, and J Thorn from the show was talking about his recent blogging project, where he writes articles on living the author life and distributes them to various platforms - a podcast, YouTube, Medium, Soundcloud etc. He noted that Medium had been the most successful, and that thanks to Publications, which are essentially curated collections of articles that boost visibility, he'd done pretty well there. I was hesitant before, but with his recommendation, I went home straight away and made my account.

Novelling is my keystone

A while ago I came across the idea of keystone habits. Basically, they're habits that have a positive knock-on effect on other areas of your life, and instead of focussing on introducing ten small habits at once, you should focus hard on the keystone. Mostly it's things like sleeping well, running daily, intermittent fasting etc. But I think I've cracked something recently; that for me, novelling is a keystone habit.

The joy of slow communication

Communication is too fast nowadays. At the click of a button I can send people memes, message an ex, troll for sex on a hookup app, and so on. It's taken for granted that we can instantly message and reply to people, which means many people get annoyed when you don't immediately answer their texts or phone calls. Technology was supposed to make our life simpler, but it just made it more urgent.

Juggling interests effectively

As I've mentioned before, I'm a project junkie. I'll find a new interest, dive into it fully for several weeks, then lose the taste and forget about it for ages. And my pre-existing, established interests sit in a wheel that circles round, waxing and waning in importance and interests. I picture this when I was teenager like a little roulette wheel. Where was my attention going to bounce to next? Writing a novel? Making an RPG maker game? Making an UTAUloid? Vlogging? Learning Icelandic?