About me

(Last updated 26/12/2021)

My name is Ariel. I’m 28 years old, gay, and autistic. My pronouns are they/he/gay she. I’m on a quest to fully embrace my neglected, traumatised autistic inner child, you could say. Basically, I started having intermittent catatonic/nonspeaking episodes in 2021, and realised that I couldn’t go on this way.

So now, I am fully focussing on my core special interests of language learning, linguistics, conlanging and writing. This blog is just a little place for me to archive all that junk.

My languages are:

English (Native)
Esperanto (C2)
Spanish (C2)
French (C1)
German (C1)
Japanese (B2)
Czech/Slovak (A1)
Mandarin Chinese (A1)

I sometimes make video games on itch.io.

I make a podcast for English learners (on hiatus due to lack of speaking capacity).

FYI, I am a detransitioned non-binary man (MtFtM). I detransitioned in 2021, so posts prior to that time will reference me being a transgender woman.

Profile photo by Charl Durand on Unsplash.