Rediscovering my love of romance

No, not the shitty real men kind, the fantasy dragon shifter kind. Maybe I mentioned it on here before? I used to write gay romance novels and self-publish them under a penname. Specifically, they were gay dragon shifter mpreg. If you're not sure what all those words mean, I implore you to google it yourself. … Continue reading Rediscovering my love of romance

A progress report on living life for real

I'm writing this, agog, agag, and awash, on the way home from a two-week holiday, so please forgive any inconsistencies in style or coherence. I have been to two events this summer: the Agen TPRS Workshop in the south of France and the 75th International Youth Congress of Esperanto in Liptovský Hrádok, Slovakia. The TL;DR … Continue reading A progress report on living life for real

I am draining away

When I was a teenager, I didn't feel like I had an identity at all. I was a bundle of trauma, loneliness, undiagnosed autism and unrealised transness. I barely communicated in the "real world", spending all my time with online communities and friends that spanned a gamut of abusiveness. I "came out of my shell" when I started doing youth theatre. I became more social, began to have an identity in the commonly accepted sense.

Thought for food

In the immortal words of Rebecca Glasscock, "today is just a funky day for me". Despite talking a lot of bravado about reading a few days ago, shifting reading to before my meditation and writing routine did not bring about the instant level of enhanced craft and enlightenment I'd hoped for. When I was working on fiction today, the words came slowly and painfully, and I fell back into that writing mood of tabbing away from my novel to google Why is writing so exhausting?