Rediscovering my love of romance

No, not the shitty real men kind, the fantasy dragon shifter kind. Maybe I mentioned it on here before? I used to write gay romance novels and self-publish them under a penname. Specifically, they were gay dragon shifter mpreg. If you're not sure what all those words mean, I implore you to google it yourself. … Continue reading Rediscovering my love of romance

Queer and single, with haunting piano music

Today I discovered a beautiful article by Brandon Taylor titled On Being Queer and Happily Single - Except When I'm Not. It mirrors and contrasts the post I wrote yesterday about loneliness, and it resonated with me a great deal. At the same time, thanks to the machinations of YouTube's suggestion algorithm, I chanced upon Ryuichi Sakamoto, a musician and composer of thoughtful, stirring classical pieces.