A progress report on living life for real

I'm writing this, agog, agag, and awash, on the way home from a two-week holiday, so please forgive any inconsistencies in style or coherence. I have been to two events this summer: the Agen TPRS Workshop in the south of France and the 75th International Youth Congress of Esperanto in Liptovský Hrádok, Slovakia. The TL;DR … Continue reading A progress report on living life for real

Polyglot Paradox

Why do polyglots spend all their time talking English? Maybe that's a facetious question. After all, YouTube is full of videos entitled Polyglot Speaks 20 Languages, Two Polyglots With a Combined Number of 50 Languages Meet--You'll Never Guess What Happens Next!, and The Polyglot Baby Who Learned 5 Languages in the Womb.