Adults are terrible learners

Adults are just riddled with complexes. Adults are impatient. Adults are uncreative. Adults write everything down. Adults wear their anxiety on their face. Adults stay perfectly quiet. Adults would rather talk about washing up than wizardry. Adults don’t want to read for gist. Adults refuse to be in a class with people of “lower levels” than them. Adults don’t believe what you tell them.

It’s always teenagers that teachers complain about. Teenagers and children. Teenagers are apathetic, disconnected, antisocial and vapid. Children are hyperactive, unfocussed, bullying and boisterous. But in my opinion, adults are by far the worst.

If a teenager feels shitty about your class, you’ll know. If an adult does, they might hide it perfectly well, and then go complain about you behind your back.

Ultimately, though, the thing I can abide by the least is the adults’ lack of fantasy. They’re here to LEARN. There must be NO FUN. Any teacher with energy and quirk is to be distrusted and only tolerated. Oh, and many adults have no qualms about telling you that they think your style of teaching is bad.

The thing is, it’s ridiculous to make these sweeping statements, but that doesn’t stop other teachers from doing the same for children and teenagers. And one difference that’s undeniable between the groups is: adults are, for the most part, a cog in the system. Children and teens are still fighting against it.

Every class is its own thing, but if I knew I was going to be teaching adults for the rest of my career, I would go mad. I need fun, disobedience, proud grammar haters. I need that fantasy.

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