Types of blogging

I’m going away to Bratislava, Slovakia, this weekend to visit some Esperanto friends I write a blog with, so the next few days’ posts are probably going to be quite short.

This made me think about the different types of blogging there are. We all know the corporate blogs, the food blogs, the tutorial blogs. But I’m talking about 100%, raw, certified Hobby Blogging here, and there are far more interesting, less marketable, lesser-known categories to be explored. Here, I will list those that I have discovered.

Speed blogging

What I’m doing write now. Words on the page. Bam bam bam. Quick skim to proofread, and then publish on the same day, maybe even the same hour.


  • Work out ideas quickly
  • No way to hide from yourself
  • Breeds authenticity


  • Content will be short, perhaps undeveloped
  • You might release an idea that people aren’t ready for yet
  • Too nyoom

Bus blogging

The most indulgent, lifestyle-y, cinematographic way to blog. When the Internet started kicking off in the 90s, this was the utopian future people imagined. Hip, young people sitting on the bus, the train, tapping off wistful blog posts from their laptops and phones.


  • It just feels trendy, in an early-noughties-romcom-about-email kind of way
  • Distracts from the nightmare that public transport can sometimes be
  • Motion stokes ideas


  • Slippy slidey ow
  • Maybe you should be relaxing and enjoying the view?
  • People probably think you’re working


Probably not the case for everyone, but for me this is an even faster version of speed blogging. It’s for when you’ve set yourself up to blog every day but it’s 9pm and you don’t have time or energy for a proper post, so you just sort of spit out a poem and see what happens.


  • Spices up your blog
  • Could be a great poem
  • Makes you look cultivated


  • Could be a terrible poem
  • Confuses people expecting a Post
  • Can be even harder to write

Rant blogging

Unfortunately, this one isn’t lesser known. In fact, it was pretty much the foundation of the entire Internet for decades, and still lingers on today, screaming at you from YouTube thumbnails. I’ve fallen prey to it myself, but there’s a way of doing it that’s less obnoxious, I like to think.


  • An evergreen format
  • Sometimes you just need to vent
  • Beautiful plants can spring out of the scorched earth


  • “What’s up guys? Today I’m talking about this BULLSH*T SJW GAME”
  • Some people don’t like sweaws
  • Can have lots of words and zero substance

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