Welcome to my twisted blog

My name’s Ariel, and welcome to my twisted blog.

I’ve been an Internet Kid since my early years, from forums to Bebo to Facebook to YouTube, with a healthy dose of Suffering throughout. I have a podcast, which seems to be the 21st-century equivalent of… something. I was gonna say a mullet, but I’m afraid I still don’t understand the past and future significance of them.

But I’ve always struggled with Online Spaces. Maybe unsurprisingly, social ineptness IRL translates to URL, like some kind of shitty anxiety vocoder. But the idea of having a Blog, in the ur-sense, a place to dump thoughts and musings spun into a narrative more thoughtful than tweets and less numbingly serious than Content Marketing, has always appealed to me. As has the idea of having a notebook to write things in the languages I’m learning, a polyglot scratchpad if you will. But I was never able to reconcile how time-consuming these two things would be in isolation, so after a few aborted attempts I pretty much gave up on blogging.

Recently, though, I’ve come around to it again. The aforementioned podcast, Easy Stories in English, is going swimmingly, and came out of me comboing my love of writing with my work as a language teacher—I write and record short fiction in simple English for learners. So hey presto! I’m doing the same for the blog.

Which means this blog is going to be frustratingly multilingual. I’ll be alienating anyone not willing to sift through the wheat that’s not in a language they read (because my blog will have no chaff, natch), but I’m starting to come round to the consideration that this is maybe much more neutral than I thought, or perhaps even good.

Seth Godin talks a lot about Minimal Viable Audience, and given that I’m already limiting this to people who want unscheduled updates (no commitment babey 😎) from some random furry trans girl polyglot on the internet, in a mostly deprecated format, I might as well cull it as low as I can.

Or it’ll end up wildly popular and I’ll have to delete it for having the audacity to exceed my expectations.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and ciao for now cow(s) 🐄

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